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Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Team
It's a service aimed to improve or repair the flooring surface. The entire process happens with professional machinery and tools. In most cases, it's a dust-less and low-noise process if the equipment is modern.

That's the reason we're offering a complete solution with A-Z service for any floor in London, even for walls, stairs, decking, kitchen cabinets and plots, bathrooms, offices, bars, and more.

What's the Sanding Price

It depends on the current floor condition, what services are required, how big the premises are, whether it requires reclaiming or subfloor repair, and all the materials needed during the process (and their brands).

To get the most accurate price for your needs, it's much easier to request free estimates, and all the details will be added to your quote.

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Wood Sanding Service

It's a process that includes the actual sand of the floor's upper surface, gap filling, fixation, floorboard repairs, skirtings, varnishing or staining, and finishing. This combination guarantees the required effect, and it's necessary to follow the exact order of all methods.

It can be done on a ready floor or with newly installed flooring (also called refinishing).

Also, we do offer to fit new floorboards. Again, it's a full service which includes everything necessary to achieve the best possible result on a reasonable price.

Commercial Flooring

We're proud to serve many public places like schools, embassies, churches, hotels, restaurants, and more. These types of solutions are a bit different because we need to consider additional factors and use different materials.

Some of our clients are:

Embassy Sanding Junior School Sanding Church Sanding Hotel Sanding

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Wood Floor Types

Our vast experience with wood flooring is our main advantage. We can do whatever you want with any type of wood, floor patterns, and floorboard types.

This includes restoration, sanding and repair of:

  • Parquet, figurine, and art decors;
  • Classic floors, installed in a line;
  • From ancient to modern flooring types;

Usually, the floors are separated into two different types:

  • New flooring, ready for installation (and probable for refinishing);
  • Previously installed floors (available for sanding and repair only);

When it comes to patterns, there are many types of floors.

Wood Floorboards

Each floor is actually a combination of floorboards from the same wood. The floorboards have different methods to attach to each other and to the subfloor level.

Depending on the mechanism, there are different types of repair, gap filling, and sanding.

Also, some floorboards do not allow the use of specific sandpapers. And that's the main reason to replace some of them during the restoration.

The floorboards are divided by width, length, and thickness.

Floor sanding by type of the room

Each property has different flooring, and usually, it's part of its design. It's associated with the furniture, windows, light effects, and proper room arrangement in some cases.

Depending on the property, we have experience with floors in:

  • Family House
  • Apartments, lofts, others.
  • Corporate buildings with huge hallways, conference rooms, small offices, and private places;
  • School & Preschool Nursery (Kindergarten);
  • Office spaces (small, co-working spaces, home-office);
  • Local stores, kiosks, malls, grocery stores, etc.
  • Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs, piano bars;
  • Big Halls & Lounges - mostly as a public space;
  • Hotels & Hostels from any kind;
  • Cabinets
  • Bathrooms, floors around the bathtub, toilet, and pipes;
  • Living Rooms with fireheart, larger spaces, etc.
  • Galleries;
  • Single Room only.

Wood and floorboard types

Our team is specialized in working with all types of floors, but among them we are true experts in the following wood types:

  • Victorian pine;
  • Bamboo and all other exotic woods;
  • Walnut, pecan - this one is for experts only;
  • Engineered wood of any kind;
  • Oak (Read, Light, Dark)
  • Maple and cherry - we can miracles with these floors;
  • Mahogany, ebony, ash;
  • Laminate (only for new floor installation and repairs);

We can work on any type of wooden floorboards where they're installed on the floor, wall, stairs, decking, kitchen plot, veranda, or even the roof.

Floor Restoration and Repairs

wood flooring company London Many times the sanding is intended to achieve a complete flooring restoration or home decoration. In most cases, it also includes and repairs. These repairs can be small, like gap filling and scratch removal, but sometimes it can be reclaiming, sub-floor fixation, insulation laying, nailing, or something else, depending on the floorboards.

Restoration Services

Whatever is the case, there is no floor that we can't bring back to life, even if it's an old Victorian pine from over 50 years. There is nothing impossible when it comes to flooring renovation and repairs.

With 7 days a week customer service, we are flexible to work even in the evenings and all weekends. We work with factory-finished floors, oiled floorboards, sanding-required surfaces, and everything else.

We have the experience, knowledge, professional machines, and all the necessary skills.

floor repairs

Floor Repairs

Gap filling, waving, babbles, flooding, burned wood, emergency.

bona flooring solutions

Floor Types

Laminate, Engineered type, solid-wood, parquet, hardwood, etc.

osmo flooring products

Wood Types

Oak, Pine, Wenge, Bamboo, Cork, Exotic types and more.

London City

Serving London

We work everywhere in London, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Flooring Bundle

flooring discount

up to 10% discount, A-Z service

  • Repair
  • Sanding
  • Gap filling
  • Staining
  • Varnishing
  • Custom needs
Emergency Repairs

flooring urgent repair

For any type of emergency

  • After a party
  • Upcoming Event
  • Before a lease
  • Leaving a rent
  • Hotels & Hostels
  • Guest Houses
Commercial Solutions

commercial flooring restoration

We cover all business needs

  • Whole building
  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Office buildings
Professional Company

flooring advantages

What we really are;

  • Liability Insurance;
  • Quality Materials;
  • Eco-Friendly options;
  • Ready on time;
  • Effect by choice;
  • Work is always done;
Before and After Wood Floor Services
before and after bathroom floor sanding, gap filling, staining and finishing, Wandsworth
Jun 14, 2021
before and after Hardwood floor sanding, reclaiming, staining, and finishing with lacquer in an apartment, Islington
Jun 11, 2021
before and after Engineered wood sanding and finishing in an apartment, Kent
Jun 9, 2021
before and after Solid wood floor sanding, gap filling, and finishing in a kitchen, Kent
Jun 8, 2021
Before and after Floor sanding and refinishing with satin lacquer in a house, Kensington
Jun 7, 2021
before and after Floor installation in an apartment, Islington
Jun 4, 2021
Sanding Reviews and Rating
10 stars, folks! Amazing job. Finally, someone to take care of my Victorian pine. It's a heritage, and I didn't want a regular sander to work on it. Cheers
Kevin K | Upminster
It was a nice experience to hire expert sanders. It's my first time, and I wasn't sure how it goes. Luckily, the workers were polite and helped me with everything. The newly installed floor is beautiful. Good job
Peter U | Highbury
That's the A-team, folks. Good job, done on time, for a fair price. No regrets. Cheers
Mike F | West Ham
Brilliant performance in my apartment. It's hard to find fair sanders these days. Good job folks
James W | Kensington
I'm using the company for the first time, and the team did everything I asked. Even they removed the old flooring and all the furniture. Very good services! Cheers
William T | Streatham
That's the most honest team I've ever met. Good professionals.
Kenneth D | Enfield

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