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All Wooden Floors

Wood Floor Types

Our vast experience with wood flooring is our main advantage. We can do whatever you want with any type of wood, floor patterns, and floorboard types.

This includes restoration, sanding and repair of:

  • Parquet, figurine, and art decors;
  • Classic floors, installed in a line;
  • From ancient to modern flooring types;

Usually, the floors are separated into two different types:

  • New flooring, ready for installation (and probable for refinishing);
  • Previously installed floors (available for sanding and repair only);

When it comes to patterns, there are many types of floors.

Wood Floorboards

Each floor is actually a combination of floorboards from the same wood. The floorboards have different methods to attach to each other and to the subfloor level.

Depending on the mechanism, there are different types of repair, gap filling, and sanding.

Also, some floorboards do not allow the use of specific sandpapers. And that's the main reason to replace some of them during the restoration.

The floorboards are divided by width, length, and thickness.

Floors by type of the room

Each property has different flooring, and usually, it's part of its design. It's associated with the furniture, windows, light effects, and proper room arrangement in some cases.

Depending on the property, we have experience with floors in:

  • Family House
  • Apartments, lofts, others.
  • Corporate buildings with huge hallways, conference rooms, small offices, and private places;
  • School & Preschool Nursery (Kindergarten);
  • Office spaces (small, co-working spaces, home-office);
  • Local stores, kiosks, malls, grocery stores, etc.
  • Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs, piano bars;
  • Big Halls & Lounges - mostly as a public space;
  • Hotels & Hostels from any kind;
  • Cabinets
  • Bathrooms, floors around the bathtub, toilet, and pipes;
  • Living Rooms with fireheart, larger spaces, etc.
  • Galleries;
  • Single Room only.