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Floor Gap Filling

Gap Filling Service

This service is highly recommended for parquets or flooring from solid wood because it seals the entry of cold air and draft. The average time necessary for the adhesive/remnant mixtures to dry is between a couple of hours to a maximum of 1 day.

Many methods and assistive devices are used for gap filling. These may include:

  1. small wooden boards, wood material
  2. mastic or special paste
  3. homogeneous mixture of sawdust
  4. adhesive substance for wood flooring

On the other hand, this type of repair can be categorized according to the type of filler:

  • dust and resin filling mix
  • reclaimed wood slivers - filler strips
  • colour-match acrylic filler

If you decide to use a water-based filling mix, we may offer such a solution as a feasible way in the most efficient manner.

Sometimes the filling method may depend on the type of wood or the size of the spaces between the boards. Anyway, placing mixture or pieces of wood between the boards should fully comply with the floor color.

Types of Gap Filling

Primarily this service is performed for the entire wood floor it is used to achieve overall stability that does not lead to a gradual opening of other gaps between the boards. Of course, it can also be partially done in certain areas of the floor.

For each type of wood, floor and method for filling, an established procedure should be used that has been tested and confirmed for a working model for this type of problem. This refers to buildings, small rooms, hallways, stairs, and others.

Our experts will carry out this type of service in the most efficient manner. When using a professional service, you can be sure that you will get assistance to ensure both the life of the floor and the comfort in the room.

The filling may be offered as an individual service or as a part of the process of sanding and varnishing, or complete renovation of the floor. We offer both options by using the recommended technology and professional equipment for this purpose.

In order to provide this service, the room must be well ventilated for some mixtures, which will be considered by us during the inspection.

This service is offered once or may be based on subscription for rooms with high traffic and load of the floor joists. Which is the most appropriate option – this you will find out for during the conversation with our expert.