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Floor installation (fitting) of solid and engineering wood

solid wood installation

Installing a solid wood is a difficult process that needs to be thought of before installation. Most electrical networks, water grids and gas networks go under the floor, and this is a problem from which it has to be decided how to grab the floorboards’. Very often, no attention is paid to the leveling of the floor, and when the new tree is put, it sits distorted, and you can not say at all that you have a new beautiful floor.

It is also important when installing on the first floor close to the ground to apply the appropriate insulation against moisture. Most dangerous for the wood is moisture, if it penetrates the tree it immediately begins to expand and rise. It is good to ventilate the rooms because the wood is a living mate, which, depending on the humidity of the air, reacts (shrinks or expands).

The way you will orient the length of the boards is also important to bring the comfort you want. That's why specialists know what to offer. Finishing with skirting boards is also a matter for you to discuss with the specialist, you may end up with billing or scratch-offs and post assembly to put it is a matter of personal choice.

Last but not least, support your wooden floor. You have to keep him from avoiding dirty shoes full of sandwiches because you will scratch the polish, the furniture should be placed in protectors to protect the wood when you move them. Wipe with a damp cloth Do not use a lot of water rags and clean with well-established detergents.

By following these brief instructions you will enjoy long years on your wooden floor.