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Before floor sanding (preparation)

Floor sanding preparation

It is necessary to prepare everything around the sanding. All preparations may be carried out by our employees.

Sanding requires some preparations intended both to achieve the maximum effect of the service and protect the room during the work process. These preparations include:

  1. preparation of the room – removal of furniture, curtains, cupboards, wardrobes, chairs, tables, etc. There should not be anything else in the room. This can be done by the owner, tenant or an employee if it is a commercial area.
  2. preparation of the floor – before we proceed with the work all carpets, rugs, mats to protect cables should be removed from the floor.
  3. removal of a concrete slab from a fireplace and boards that are consistent with the existing floor
  4. gap filling, fastening

Floor sanding - Once a room is ready to start the work, we make a detailed view of all boards, elements, floor assemblies, etc. It takes some time, but this is a crucial time before the start of work.

Note that any relevant moving of items will be paid as extra work.