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Dust-free wood floor sanding

Dustless floor sanding

We offer this type of service that protects the room from unnecessary waste and large volume sawdust to breathe. The dust-free process is preferable in private homes, apartments and restaurants, offices, etc.

No matter the type of floor or room, everyone wants to be protected from loud noises and a lot of dust around all furniture and parts of the house. For retail rooms and public service places the use of dust-free sanding machines is necessary to protect the office, goods, and inventory.

Why choosing our sanding services:

  1. If you want to protect the room from excessive dust
  2. If there are small children in the house or apartment, pregnant women, pets or elderly
  3. If you have allergies to dust
  4. If you want to save on cleaning services after completion of the work
  5. If you have repaired the room and want it look clean and tidy after the repair