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Wood Sanding Explained

sanding explanation

We are professionals from Perfect Wood Floors and in the article below we will try to explain a bit about the sanding.

How much can a solid wooden floor sand?

Sanding is done with sanding machines with different grains of sandpaper. Typically, sanding takes no more than one millimeter of the surface of the boards. This means that if the boards have a thickness of 22 millimeters it can be sanded more than 5-6 times. It all depends on how much the tree is hurt and whether it has deep spots.

It is a good idea to start grain sanding in order to remove scratches and stains, then gradually move to a finer grain of sandpaper until you have finished grain size 120.

So finished sanding boards are ready to apply a protective coating (lacquer, oil, wax). Also, if you want to change the color of the floor, it will be stein in the appropriate color with your interior.

It is also possible to fill gap between wood dust and resin , if the gap are less than three millimeters. It is good to know that with the suspended floors this method is not the best because the floor moves when you walk on it and the resin will peel off and fall in time. When hung floors it is better to fill the gap with slivers by gluing them into the gap.

You should know that these procedures are performed during sanding so that the final sanding can be completed before the finish with a protective coating.

We hope this article is useful to you as information.

Do not hesitate to ask us about everything related to your wooden floor. We will answer all your questions.

The process of wood sanding

Sanding is carried out with branded equipment specialized in high-quality results without any side effects and achieving maximum preservation of wood finish. A floor may be sanded several times at certain intervals (several years).

Sanding is usually done on the entire floor to achieve a flat and smooth surface; which after polishing will have the effect of a brand new floor. Each machine is designed for a stage of sanding and the elements on the level.

Depending on the type of wood and the effect desired by the customer, there are different methods of sanding, as well as machines. After an inspection will be able to advise you which option is best for you and how to achieve the desired effect for a short time.

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