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Sanding as a service

sanding service

Over the years, wooden flooring has been worn out and is no longer so shiny. From the operation, the boards are shifted, spacing and walking or creaking when walking. The activity sanding of wooden floor is done with the purpose of renovating the old flooring and extending its life.

Sanding rates may include

  1. Sanding with a Belt machine
  2. Grinding with a disk machine
  3. Gap Filling
  4. Stain or paint
  5. Varnishing
  6. Materials

The top lacquered layer of the wooden floor is removed with a special woodworking machine with large sandpaper. As a result of finer machining with a disk machine, all irregularities on the wooden floor are then removed and smoothed. The joints are filled with wood dust and a resin. At least two or three hands of a quality lacquer are required to finish. Optionally, the wooden floor may be steined or painted in the preferred color.

Floor damage assessment

Depending on the damping and floor damage, in some cases disassembly, cleaning and rearrangement of the boards may be necessary. The surface should be level and perfectly dry before sanding.

Floor size always matters

To get the most out of your specific offers and to quickly compare sanding professionals' labor and materials prices, it's important to know the exact size of the room. This is usually done by the specialist during the visit.

Materials for sanding

Most companies specializing in wood flooring services offer prices with included materials with which they work. Keep in mind that the cost rate for varnish and resin is close to 100 ml / sq. m.